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Staff Association

The college’s staff club was established in 2018 with the goals of encouraging social contact, meeting staff recreational requirements, and fostering positive interactions amongst the instructors in the college’s many departments. The club’s members include office and library employees as well as those who work in teaching. The staff club engages in a variety of activities, such as attending significant family occasions, planning expert talks on certain topics, arranging health care programmes, celebrating holidays, leading staff tours, and more.

Office Bearers


A staff association promotes member welfare through advocacy, professional development, social activities, support, communication, diversity, inclusion, and community engagement, aiming to create a supportive work environment.


• To promote effective communication between the faculties in the inter-departments of the college.
• To offer recreational opportunities to staff members.
• To provide lectures on diverse topics to faculties.
• To arrange a get-together on special occasions for the families of the staff members.
• To plan a yearly association members tour.
• Planning an annual academic year farewell ceremony for departing teachers.