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Women Cell


Following the guidelines from Mahatma Gandhi University, CASC established the Women Cell (WC) whose goal is to empower women staff and students. It aims to raise awareness among educators and students on topics about women’s rights, gender inequality, and empowerment. Making the college campus a secure environment for female staff and students is the cell’s main objective. The students get the impression from this cell that our college campus serves as a refuge and a second home for them. The cell works tirelessly to improve their standing and provide them more strength through lectures, seminars, workshops, different awareness campaigns, and other welfare initiatives. For the advancement of women, it has been planning a variety of social, cultural, technological, and academic activities.

Office Bearers

  • Chairman- Dr. Renjith.K.P
  • Co-ordinator – Reyma. P. Reji (Dept. of Behavioural Sciences)

Aim & Objectives