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Cochin Arts & Science College

Cochin Arts and Science College strives to create future society where ignorance, inequality, illhealth, illeteracy, poverty and powerlessness can be eradicated and equitable development takes place through achieving & equal access to education to all the members in the society. The institution believes in the strong linkage between training, education, research and action for sustainable development. Education is the key to enhance the knowledge that creates both oppurtunities as well as ability to make right choices. We aims to create an institution committed excellence and producing students with the ability to think critically, rationally, communicate effectively. We strive to create a stimulating learning environment in a truly academic community of Students, Teachers and Professionals. The college provides exciting facilities and oppurtunities to enable the youngsters to work and live in a variety of settings within and outside the country.

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By enrolling with Cochin College, we guarantee you will graduate with a bachelor’s degree that offers possibilities to carve a better future. We are dedicated to producing remarkable graduates. As one of the leading providers of higher education in Kerala, we have a reputation for remarkable research and teaching excellence. Our degrees span a wide range of disciplines and are informed by well-built research and industry connections. We also offer a range of personal and learning support services to help each individual succeed.

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