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CASC Library

CASC Library

The CASC Library of the college has a well-stacked library system with a collection of more than 5800 books, more than 100 reference books and has subscriptions to nearly 6 periodicals, 5 Journals and 5 newspapers to support the reading and learning needs of students and faculty members. The library has a floor area of 1188 sq.ft and the reading area can accommodate 40 people at a time. Library includes circulation section, property counter, reading area, reference section, stack area, new arrival section, reprographic area, journal and periodical section, newspaper section and internet browsing area.

Library is fully automated with the help of the Integrated Library Management System KOHA (ILMS), version Acquisition, cataloging, and circulation of library resources are carried out through the ILMS. All books are barcoded using the ILS and the issue, return, and renewal of books are carried out using this system. Kuku FM, an online streaming platform for audiobooks is installed in the library for students specifically for the benefit of the visually impaired.