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Film and Music Club


The Film and Music Club at CASC is a dynamic community that brings together students with a shared passion for film and music. The club serves as a platform for members to engage critically with a wide range of cinematic and musical genres. At the heart of the club’s activities are its regular screenings and music events, where members gather to watch films and listen to music spanning genres, cultures, and eras. These events are not just passive viewing and listening experiences but serve as springboards for lively discussions and debates, enriching members understanding and appreciation of both art forms.

The club is more than just a student organisation; it is a community of passionate individuals united by a love for film and music and a desire to explore their boundless possibilities. Through its diverse programming and inclusive ethos, the club enriches the college experience for its members, providing them with a platform to engage critically with cinema and music and to deepen their appreciation for the arts. In essence, the Film and Music Club at CASC is a vibrant and enriching community that inspires its members to explore the world of cinema and music and to develop a deeper understanding of their impact on society.

Office Bearers

  • Chairman: Dr. Renjith K Philip
  • Coordinator: Theresa Agnus (Dept. of Commerce)
  • Sub-Coordinator: Meenakshy Dileep (Dept. of Biosciences)
  • Committee Member: Reyma P Reji (Dept. of Behavioural Sciences)

Aim & Objectives