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K- DISC ( Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council) and YIP (Young Innovators Programme)

Students Support

Young Innovators Programme

K-DISC is conducting a number of offline and online programs to foster the habit of generating innovative ideas and pursuing their long-term execution. Throughout the entire process, K DISC and YIP offer students unwavering assistance and support them in developing their skills through a variety of frequently offered online courses. Through an inventive challenge, the program seeks to enable future innovators to create new goods, services, or models that more effectively address unmet needs, emerging requirements, or market demands.

Office Bearers

  • Chairman – Dr. Renjith. K. P
  • Coordinator- Athira Ajithkumar K ( Department of Computer Applications)
  • Student Sub-Coordinator- Aadhil M
  • Committee Member-Lakshmi Seethal (Dept. of Biosciences)
  • Committee Member-Sneha Rajeev (Department of Behavioural Sciences)
  • Committee Member-Somy Mary Mathew (Dept. of Biosciences)
  • Committee Member-Athiraraj (Department of Computer Application)

Aim & Objectives