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Counselling Cell


The Counselling Cell was introduced in 2021, with the help of a qualified counsellor, aimed at handling and facilitating the resolution of emotional and psychological issues with the students. Students can talk to the counsellor about any worries they have regarding their social and academic lives. Students who are struggling with issues of a personal, emotional, social, familial, peer, intellectual, or sexual nature can find answers and self-awareness
through the cell.

The cell’s main goal is to assist people in achieving their educational goals, social and temperamental development, career goals, and social skills to maintain good relationships and a healthy lifestyle. To this end, it sets up individual or group counselling sessions. The purpose of the counselling cell is to assist students in making better decisions, increase their capacity to establish and sustain social relationships, help them realise their own potential, and help them deal with challenges in an effective manner.

Office Bearers

  • Chairman – Dr. Renjith. K. P
  • Co-ordinator- Sneha Rajeev (Dept. of Behavioural Sciences)
  • Sub-Co-ordinator- Reyma. P. Reji (Dept. of Behavioural Sciences)

Aim & Objectives