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ED Club


The Entrepreneurship Development Club (ED Club) at Cochin Arts and Science College offers a vibrant and supportive environment designed to foster entrepreneurial skills and spirit among students. Positioned as a key element of our academic community, the ED Club is dedicated to fostering innovation and enhancing expertise across various disciplines. Our overarching goal is to contribute to the economic prosperity of the nation by nurturing a strong culture of entrepreneurship among the youth.

At the ED Club, we are committed to empowering our members through a comprehensive approach that includes providing essential skills, introducing cutting-edge entrepreneurial techniques, and building the confidence necessary for leadership in business ventures. Our club activities are diverse and include seminars and lectures that delve into the essentials of self-employment and the key components of creating successful entrepreneurial ventures. These initiatives are designed to not only help students chase their entrepreneurial dreams but also position them as future innovators who can drive economic growth and development. We invite you to join the ED Club at Cochin Arts and Science College and begin your path to becoming a future entrepreneur.

Office Bearers

  • Coordinator: M.Lakshmi (Dept. of Commerce)
  • Sub-Coordinator: Bismimol Francis (Dept. of Biosciences)
  • Committee Member: Ansila N M (Dept. of Biosciences)
  • Committee Member: Soumya N (Dept. of Management Studies)

Aim & Objectives