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Anti-Ragging Cell


The greatest menace encountered by the present education system that has affected countless innocent lives and careers is ragging. Our Hon'ble Supreme Court has promulgated umpteen orders banning any type of ragging in the campus. Anti-ragging cell is a mandatory functional body of the institution that was constituted as per the guidelines of UGC under the act of 1956, which is modified as UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in
higher educational institutions, 2009.

Campus ragging is strictly prohibited, and anybody found guilty of engaging in or assisting in ragging may face legal consequences. Strict adherence to the form’s prohibition on ragging is ensured by CASC.

Office Bearers

  • Chairman – Dr. Renjith. K. P
  • Coordinator – Shahana P.A (Dept. of Computer Application )
  • Sub- Coordinator – Arathi Rajagopal (Dept. of Management Studies)
  • Committee Member- Arathy Jess (Dept. of Biosciences)
  • Committee Member- Bency Joy (Dept. of Commerce)

Aim & Objectives