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Code of Conduct – Teachers

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Code of Conduct – Teachers

  1. Teachers are expected to align with the College’s vision and mission, prioritizing students’ overall development.
  2. Co-operate with the authorities for the betterment of the College, keeping in view the interest and in conformity with the dignity of the profession
  3. Adhere to the conditions of the appointment letter or rule and regulations regulated by the College.
  4. Faculty members must record attendance twice daily before 9 A.M. and  after 3.00 P.M. (8.50 am – 2.30 pm) and adhere to the prescribed dress code while being present during working hours.
  5. Co-operate and assist in carrying out functions related to the educational responsibilities of the College such as: assisting in appraising applications for admission, advising and counseling students well as assisting in the conduct of examinations, including supervision, invigilation, and evaluation.
  6. Responsibilities include handling theory, laboratory, and practical sessions,supervising projects,  and mentoring students.
  7. Teachers are responsible for maintaining campus discipline, promptly reporting any inappropriate behavior to the principal.
  8. Faculty members can engage in consultancy and outreach activities with prior management approval.
  9. Accepting valuable gifts from students, parents, or organizations involved in official transactions with the college is prohibited.
  10. Refrain from spreading political ideologies and being involved in political activism in the College.
  11. All communication with the management must follow the proper channels.
  12. Active participation in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities is encouraged.
  13. Continuous professional development is emphasized, utilizing available library resources and staying updated on UGC’s Code of Professional Ethics.
  14. Teaching staff with over three years of experience should publish one research paper and attend one seminar/webinar annually.
  15. Teaching staff may borrow ten books at a time from the college library.
  16. Leave requests must have prior approval from the HOD and Principal, with emergency notifications accepted by phone.
  17. A maximum of 12 days of Casual Leave per calendar year is granted to all employees.
  18. Two restricted holidays for religious celebrations, maternity leave for six months with eligible ESI benefits, and five day leave for conference/seminar/workshop participation are provided.
  19. Duty leave is granted for special assignments, training programs, and higher studies examinations, subject to approval.
  20. Resignations are only accepted on the last working day of a semester, except in exceptional cases during the semester.
  21. Newly appointed faculty members undergo a one-year probation period, during which termination can occur with 30 days’ notice. Afterward, one month’s notice is required for resignation.
  22. The Management reserves the right to waive or reduce the notice period and terminate underperforming faculty after due process.
  23. The principal may assign official work for the college’s development, and staff vacation may be restricted if deemed essential.
  24. At the end of each academic year, teaching personnel undergo a comprehensive performance evaluation.
  25. Faculty members are obligated to adhere to institutional rules and regulations for effective college functioning