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Internal Complaints Cell


According to UGC regulations from 2015, all Indian colleges and universities must establish an Internal Complaint Cell. This cell is responsible for investigating accusations of sexual harassment made by students, professors, and non-teaching staff. Discipline will be applied based on the seriousness and type of the alleged conduct. To the greatest degree feasible, the college will uphold the privacy and anonymity of those who report sexual harassment as well as those who are accused of it.

Office Bearers

  • Chairman – Dr. Renjith. K. P
  • Co-ordinator – Anjali Unnikrishnan (Dept. of Languages)
  • Sub-Co-ordinator – Rijina N. M (Dept. of Cyber Forensics)
  • Committee Member – Princy T. P (Dept. of Languages)
  • Committee Member- Bency Joy (Dept. of Commerce)

Aim & Objectives