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Food Processing Technology

Course Description

An extensive study of the methods and processes used in food manufacturing, processing, preservation and food safety standards is covered in the B.Sc. Food Technology & Quality Assurance + Food Processing Technology.

Food processing technology refers to the techniques and methods used to transform raw agricultural products into food products that are suitable for consumption. It involves a series of steps, including cleaning, sorting, processing, preservation, and packaging, to ensure that food is safe, nutritious, and enjoyable to eat.

Food processing technology encompasses a wide range of processes, such as heating, cooling, drying, fermentation, and irradiation, among others. These processes are used to extend the shelf life of food products, enhance their flavour and texture, and improve their nutritional value.

Food processing technology is essential for the food industry as it allows for the production of a wide variety of food products in large quantities while maintaining high standards of quality and safety. It also plays a crucial role in reducing food waste and ensuring that food is available and affordable for consumers around the world.


  • Certification programs
  • Internship in the food industry.
  • Language & soft skills training
  • Mock interviews
  • Guaranteed placement supports
  • Skill enhancement 
  • Immersive learning to build the skills of tomorrow.
  • Technical talks


A person, who has passed Higher Secondary/Intermediate (10+2) with a science stream or equivalent to it shall be eligible for the course

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