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Innovation Centre

Students Support

The College Innovation Centre, named ‘Synergy Hub', is a dynamic hub that provides students with a platform to explore their creativity, generate new ideas, and work on innovative projects by engaging in idea generation sessions, workshops, debate sessions, and hands-on projects. Creativity enables individuals to express themselves authentically, while also inspiring others and making a positive impact on society.

Office Bearers

  • Chairman – Dr. Renjith. K. P
  • Coordinator- Ashamol M K (NAAC Co-ordinator)
  • Sub-Coordinator-Lakshmi Seethal (Dept. of Biosciences)
  • Committee Member-Sneha Rajeev (Department of Behavioural Sciences)
  • Committee Member-Athira Ajithkumar (Department of computer application)

Aim & Objectives