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Parent Teacher Association

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Parent Teacher Association

In Cochin Arts and Science College, a Parent-Teacher Association has started functioning since 2013. The association, the Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A.) is established to encourage parental involvement in an institution. The Parent Teacher Association of the College is a dynamic organisation that consistently supports all of the college’s initiatives, including non-academic, academic, and infrastructure growth. PTA awards are given out annually to students in all disciplines who demonstrate excellence in their extracurricular or academic pursuits. 

The Association of Guardians elects an Executive Committee to promote welfare schemes and maintain an academic atmosphere. PTA patronage and cooperation facilitate development, with regular meetings and open houses for feedback and improvement.

Office Bearers


Making every student’s potential a reality.


  • To promote the student’s well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and social involvement.
  • To promote their ethical values for furthering self-esteem, integrity and respect for others.
  • To promote inclusivity and to seek inputs from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints as possible.
  • To promote parental-institutional bonding for mutual benefit.