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B. Com Computer Application (Model I/Model II)


B. Com Computer Applications is a three-year full-time undergraduate program that deals with studying various aspects of computer science along with commerce. It is a combination of Commerce and computer applications for commerce disciplines that require knowledge of computers. It is one of the most demanded courses in the contemporary academic world. In addition, this course offers ample job opportunities in the IT and Commerce industry. Through this Programme pursuers can extend their knowledge in Business law, Company Law, Entrepreneurship, Environment Studies, Economics, Statistics, Programming languages, Accounting software and other major areas in Commerce. They can excel in the areas of Commerce and Management by developing analytical and accounting skills; and intellectual inquisitiveness

Program Outcome

PO1 – Become worthy global citizens who will emerge as future leaders, entrepreneurs and efficient administrators.

PO2 – Facilitates an insight on accounting skills and acquaints the students with latest development in the field. 

PO3 – Recognize the fundamental concepts in finance, marketing, information technology and applications of computer to business and office 

PO4 – Develop quantitative aptitude and basic knowledge on research methods. Acquire practical knowledge of SPSS for doing social science research 

PO5 – Acquire practical knowledge in Computerized Accounting and Programming in C Language. Understand the relevance of Database Management system in Business 

PO6 – Develop presentation and analytical skills and be able to work in teams by strengthening group dynamics.


The eligibility for admission to B.com degree programme under Mahatma Gandhi university is a pass in plus two or equivalent examinations in any stream like commerce, science or humanities with minimum mark of 45%.

Course Design

B.Com Computer Application is a 3-year degree course, divided into 6 semesters that provides students with an in-depth understanding of computer programming, applications, software development along with business management. This course is mainly for students who have an aptitude for computer programming and an interest in commerce. 

B.Com Computer Application syllabus is divided into 6 semesters. B.Com Computer Applications curriculum is a 3-year course B.Com Computer Applications is a specialization of B.Com course, with a focus on computer applications and tools. The B.Com Computer Applications programme comprises (a) Common courses, (b) Core courses, (c) Complementary Courses, (d) Open Courses, and (e) Project. No course carries more than 4 credits. Students are required to select any Choice-based course offered by the department, depending on the availability of teachers and infrastructure facilities in the institution. Open courses are available in any subject, providing students the option to take courses offered by other departments.

The B.Com program comprises 20 compulsory core courses, 4 choice-based courses from the frontier area of the core courses, one open course, and a project. Additionally, students are required to take 2 complementary courses from relevant subjects to complement their core studies. The program includes 6 common courses, encompassing English and the second language of study. In the second Year onwards they will have practical sessions in computer programming also.

Study Area

BCom with Computer Application is an undergraduate degree course, a combination of Commerce and Computer Applications. The study period includes various subjects such as

  • Information Technology for Business
  • Information Technology for office
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Programming in C Language
  • Database Management System
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Banking and Insurance, etc.

Career Opportunities

On successful completion of B. Com Model II Computer Application, the students will be able to enter in to various job profiles in the arena of Banking sector, Corporate Sector, Insurance sector, Expert in Securities Market etc., a few of them are listed below:

  1. Financial Manager
  2. Budget Analysts
  3. Financial consultant
  4. Auditor
  5. Tax Consultant
  6. Portfolio Consultant
  7. Software Developer
  8. System Analysts
  9. Database Administrator
  10. IT Consultant, etc.

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