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Virtual Relationships in social media

A debate on “Virtual Relationships in Social Media” was held at Cochin Arts and Science College on International Youth Day. The event, organized by the Department of Psychology, involved students from both groups. The debate explored the pros and cons of virtual relationships, including their benefits like connection and professional growth, and the potential negatives like reduced face-to-face interactions and an illusion of perfection. Key findings from the debate highlighted the importance of balancing these aspects for mental well-being and promoting intellectual growth among students.

“Ethnic food versus convenient food“.

A debate competition was held at Cochin Arts and Science College, Manakkekadavu, on August 4, 2023, focusing on “Ethnic food versus convenient food.” The event aimed to improve students’ public speaking skills and encourage articulation. The debate was led by HOD Lakshmi Seethal and Assistant Professor Somy Mary Mathew, with Aparna M.V. presenting on “convenient food.” The event concluded that both foods have their own importance, and the choice between convenience and traditional food is personal and influenced by personal priorities, values, and circumstances.