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Department of BioSciences


Bioscience is “a diverse field of study and industry for applying knowledge to develop biological solutions that sustain, restore, and enhance the quality of life for people, plants, and animals in our world.”  This also gives information about life science topics including psychology, food science, microbiology, biotechnology, and cutting-edge research, from which society can benefit an improved quality of life. The Department of Biosciences is a premier academic in the field of life sciences, established in 2021. The department offers undergraduate program courses in biosciences with specialization in the subjects of Psychology, Food Technology & Quality Assurance and Microbiology. The department also has add-on courses for Psychology and Food Technology & Quality Assurance. The department is well-equipped with laboratories for Psychology, Chemistry, Microbiology, and Zoology to identify the areas of life sciences. 


To emerge as a centre of excellence in education and research



According to Payscale, the average BCA job salary of a graduate is INR 3.7 LPA. This salary can change depending on the experience students gain by doing internships and work placements, as it can help them increase their BCA scope and salary after graduation. There is an active placement cell working in our college.

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Department of BioSciences

Lakshmi Seethal U

HOD of Food Technology

Somy Mary Mathew

Assistant Professor

Ansila N M

Assistant Professor

Sneha Rajeev

HOD Psychology

Aileen K. Ranjit

Assistant Professor

Arathy Jess

Assistant Professor

Reyma P. Reji

Assistant Professor

Meenakshy Dileep

Assistant Professor

Bismimol Francis

Assistant Professor