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B.Sc Microbiology

Course Description

BSc Microbiology, an undergraduate programme in Lifescience has been offered by the Department of Biosciences since 2023. The course is appended with several papers covering various aspects of Microbiology like Microbial physiology, Microbial genetics, Food Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Parasitology, and Virology along with Biotechnology and Biochemistry as complementary subjects, as per the regulations of MG University(CBCSS).

Program Outcome

PO1 – Acquire a deep understanding of microbial structure, function, genetics, and diversity.

PO2 – Develop proficiency in microbiological techniques, including cultural, staining, molecular methods, laboratory skills, and experts in the use of instruments applicable to research, clinical methods, and analysis of the observation.

PO3 – Understand the role of microorganisms in human health, immune response to infection, and antibiotic resistance.


A person who has passed Higher Secondary / Intermediate with Science stream or equivalent shall be eligible for the course.

Course Design

The BBA programme comprises (a) Common courses, (b) Core courses, (c) Complementary Courses, (d) Open Courses, and (e) Project. No course carries more than 4 credits. Students are required to select any Choice-based course offered by the department, depending on the availability of teachers and infrastructure facilities in the institution. Open courses are available in any subject, providing students the option to take courses offered by other departments.

The BBA program entails 20 compulsory core courses, 8 Complementary courses, one open course, and minor and major projects. The program includes 2 common courses, encompassing English 

This structure ensures a comprehensive and diversified curriculum, allowing students to tailor their learning experience while maintaining a strong foundation in the core areas of Management.

Study Area

B.Sc. Microbiology is an undergraduate degree course. The duration of the course is three years, and the course is divided into 6 semesters. The course comprises 29 theory papers, of which 2 are common courses, 8 are complementary courses,17 are core courses and 2 are open courses and choice-based. In addition, the program also includes 8 Practical papers.

Career Opportunities

On successful completion of B.Sc Microbiology, the students will be able to enter into various job profiles in the arena of Life science, a few of which are listed below;

  • Drug Design and Clinical Research
  • Pharma Microbiology
  • Food Industries 
  • Dairy Industry
  • Health Department
  • Marine Biologist
  • Academics
  • Research & Development

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