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BBA + Aviation & Logistics (7* Certification, FIATA)


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with a specialization in Aviation and Logistics, with 7* Certification from FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), is an undergraduate program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the dynamic fields of aviation and logistics.

The program combines business administration principles with specialized courses in aviation management, supply chain management, and logistics operations. Students learn about airline operations, transportation management, warehouse operations, freight forwarding, international trade, customs regulations, and logistics technologies.

Through practical training and industry certifications, students develop expertise in managing aviation operations, coordinating logistics activities, optimizing supply chains, and ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services. They gain valuable skills in project management, decision-making, negotiation, and problem-solving, essential for success in the aviation and logistics sectors.

The 7* Certification from FIATA is a prestigious accreditation that validates students’ knowledge and competence in freight forwarding, international trade, and logistics. This certification enhances their employability and demonstrates their commitment to professional excellence in the field.

Upon graduation, students have a wide range of career opportunities in the aviation and logistics industry. They can work in roles such as aviation manager, logistics coordinator, supply chain analyst, freight forwarder, customs specialist, transportation planner, warehouse manager, or procurement officer. Graduates may find employment in airlines, logistics companies, freight forwarding firms, shipping companies, manufacturing companies, e-commerce companies, and government agencies.


Candidates after completing 12th Standard/ HSC/ 10+2 (or equivalent Level of Examination) from any recognized Board can join the course.

The aviation and logistics industry is experiencing significant growth, driven by globalization and the increasing demand for efficient movement of goods and services. Professionals with expertise in aviation and logistics management are in high demand to ensure the timely and cost-effective delivery of products and services.

In summary, BBA with a specialization in Aviation and Logistics, with 7* Certification from FIATA, offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines business administration principles with specialized knowledge in aviation and logistics. It prepares students for exciting careers in the aviation and logistics industry, equipping them with the necessary skills and certifications to thrive in this fast-paced and globalized sector.

Job Sector

1. Airlines
2. Logistics and Supply Chain Companies
3. Freight Forwarding Firms
4. Shipping and Maritime Companies
5. Aviation Management Companies
6. E-commerce and Retail Companies
7. Manufacturing and Distribution Companies
8. Government Agencies
9. Customs and Trade Compliance Agencies
10. Airport Operations Companies
11. Air Cargo Handling Services
12. International Trade Organizations
13. Consulting Firms (Aviation and Logistics)
14. Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers
15. Supply Chain Technology Companies
16. Procurement and Sourcing Agencies
17. Warehousing and Distribution Centers
18. International Freight Agents
19. Import and Export Companies
20. Freight Transportation Companies

Job Role

1. Aviation Manager
2. Logistics Coordinator
3. Freight Forwarder
4. Supply Chain Analyst
5. Customs Specialist
6. Transportation Planner
7. Warehouse Manager
8. Procurement Officer
9. Import/Export Coordinator
10. Air Cargo Operations Manager
11. Shipping and Receiving Supervisor
12. Supply Chain Consultant
13. Trade Compliance Specialist
14. International Trade Analyst
15. Freight Broker
16. Inventory Control Manager
17. Transportation Operations Coordinator
18. Logistics Project Manager
19. Customer Service Executive (Aviation and Logistics)
20. Distribution Network Planner

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