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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Course Description

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree program that typically focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business and management. The course aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to pursue careers in diverse fields within the business world or to continue their education at the graduate level.

Prepared to meet the evolving demands of the business world, graduates emerge equipped with a versatile skill set, positioning themselves for success across a broad spectrum of careers within the financial sector.

Program Outcome

PO1 – Acquires adequate knowledge of the principles, theories and models of business management, accounting, marketing, finance and human resource.

PO2 – Analyses and comprehends the applicability of management principles in solving complex business problems.

PO3 – Demonstrates English proficiency for Business Communication for effective and Professional business management.

PO4 – Recognizes and solves business problems in an ethical manner for continuous development of business ventures.

PO5 – Develops lifelong learning skills with interdisciplinary approach towards sustainable development.


Admission to the BBA Degree Programme shall be open only to candidates who have passed the Plus Two or equivalent Examination recognized by the University

Course Design

The BBA programme comprises (a) Common courses, (b) Core courses, (c) Complementary Courses, (d) Open Courses, and (e) Project. No course carries more than 4 credits. Students are required to select any Choice-based course offered by the department, depending on the availability of teachers and infrastructure facilities in the institution. Open courses are available in any subject, providing students the option to take courses offered by other departments.

The BBA program entails 20 compulsory core courses, 8 Complementary courses, one open course, and minor and major projects. The program includes 2 common courses, encompassing English 

This structure ensures a comprehensive and diversified curriculum, allowing students to tailor their learning experience while maintaining a strong foundation in the core areas of Management.

Study Area

The BBA course offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential study areas. Students delve into Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting. It encompasses Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Banking and Insurance, fostering expertise in these domains. Additionally, students study Corporate and Business Law, Intellectual Property Rights acquiring a well-rounded understanding of legal aspects impacting commerce and Management. The curriculum ensures holistic education, equipping graduates with the knowledge and skills requisite for diverse roles in Business and Management.

Career Opportunities

Completing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities across various industries and sectors. Here are some common career paths that BBA graduates often pursue:

1. Marketing and sales
2. management Trainee Programmes
3. finance and accounting
4. Human Resource Management
5. Business Analyst
6. Management Consultant
7. Entrepreneurship
8. Government Jobs
9. International Business.
10. Operations and supply chain management
11. Management Roles

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