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B. Com Finance and Taxation (Model I and Model II)

Course Description

The three-year undergraduate program in Commerce, specialising in finance and taxation, is meticulously designed to cultivate expertise in finance, particularly in the intricate realm of taxation. Tailored to impart comprehensive knowledge, this program serves as a catalyst for students aspiring to carve a distinguished career in finance. Aligned with the dynamic demands of the business landscape, it equips graduates with a multifaceted skill set, fostering critical thinking for innovative business solutions. By emphasising strategic thinking, the program empowers students to unlock a plethora of opportunities within the expansive financial sector. Prepared to meet the evolving demands of the business world, graduates emerge equipped with a versatile skill set, positioning themselves for success across a broad spectrum of careers within the financial sector.

Program Outcome

PO1 – Develops basic managerial skills and theoretical knowledge for managing business units.

PO2 – Obtains accounting knowledge and skills.

PO3 – Acquires basic theoretical knowledge of research methods and techniques.

PO4 – Acquisition of knowledge in specialised fields like finance, marketing, financial markets, management and Tax.

PO5 – Gets information to pursue higher studies in professional areas of commerce and management such as taxation, financial services, etc.


Admission to the B. Com Finance and Taxation Degree Programme shall be open only to candidates who have passed the Plus Two or equivalent Examination recognized by this University with Book Keeping and Accountancy and any two of the following subjects, viz., (1) Commerce (2) Commercial Correspondence and Commercial Geography (3) Economics (4) Life Insurance with Salesmanship (5) Banking with Secretarial Practice (6) Business Studies (7) Mathematics (8) Computer Science/ Computer applications (9) Informatics Practice & Management (10) Informatics Practice (11) Management (12) Accountancy as optional under Part III of the Examination.


Have passed Plus Two or equivalent Examination recognized by this University with other subjects under Part III optional subjects provided they have secured 45% of the aggregate marks.

Course Design

The B.Com Finance and Taxation programme comprises (a) Common courses, (b) Core courses, (c) Complementary Courses, (d) Open Courses, and (e) Project. No course carries more than 4 credits. Students are required to select any Choice-based course offered by the department, depending on the availability of teachers and infrastructure facilities in the institution. Open courses are available in any subject, providing students the option to take courses offered by other departments.

The B.Com program entails 20 compulsory core courses, 4 choice-based courses from the frontier area of the core courses, one open course, and a project. Additionally, students are required to take 2 complementary courses from relevant subjects to complement their core studies. The program includes 6 common courses, encompassing English and the second language of study.

This structure ensures a comprehensive and diversified curriculum, allowing students to tailor their learning experience while maintaining a strong foundation in the core areas of finance and taxation.

Study Area

The B.Com Finance and Taxation course offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential study areas. Students delve into Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, and Cost Accounting, gaining proficiency in Management Accounting. The program extensively explores Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Income Tax, providing insights into financial regulations. It encompasses Financial Markets, Marketing Management, and Banking and Insurance, fostering expertise in these domains. Additionally, students study Corporate and Mercantile Law, acquiring a well-rounded understanding of legal aspects impacting commerce. The curriculum ensures holistic education, equipping graduates with the knowledge and skills requisite for diverse roles in finance and taxation.

Career Opportunities

Completing a B.Com in Finance and Taxation opens up a wide array of career opportunities in diverse sectors. Here are some areas where graduates can pursue rewarding careers:

  1. Tax Consultant.
  2. Financial Analyst
  3. Accountant
  4. Auditor.
  5. Investment Analyst
  6. Corporate Finance.
  7. Banking
  8. Insurance Specialist
  9. Financial Planner
  10. Entrepreneurship
  11. Government Jobs
  12. Consultancy
  13. Nonprofit Organizations
  14. Academia
  15. International Business.
  16. Real Estate Finance
  17. Risk Management
  18. Financial Technology (FinTech)
  19. Wealth Management
  20. Compliance Officer

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