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Cochin Arts and Science College

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Cochin Arts & Science College (CASC) was established in 2011 by the K.M.M group of institutions to provide aspiring graduates with a competitive advantage. The institution has expanded to cater to society’s changing needs, focusing on holistic education that encourages critical thinking, personal development, and flexibility. To achieve this, CASC has launched initiatives under the tag “Samanvaya”, which prioritises disciplinary knowledge, interpersonal skills, and communication.


The campus radio platform, Swarag provides entertainment and personal development for students through its broadcasting of campus news, music, discussions, and casual conversations. 


Samarthana, the concept of each one teaching one, emphasises the idea that individuals can help each other learn and grow by sharing their knowledge and skills.


The college also offers Swasthya, a yoga, health, and wellness program that promotes mental and physical fitness through cutting-edge sports facilities and yoga. CASC also established a counselling centre to address mental health challenges faced by students provide career guidance.


Sarthaka involves voluntary activities aims to benefit the community or society, such as volunteering, organising clean-ups, or fundraising. CASC has also participated in flood relief operations, medical camps, and water quality testing campaigns.


Svaadhyaay is an initiative for students with academic excellence, with funds allocated for scholarships to appreciate their high scores in 12th grade.



Sangrah, a series of festivals and celebrations, celebrates India’s diverse cultures and traditions, including Onam, Christmas, Holi, and Eid-Ul-Fitr.