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Department of BioSciences

Department of BioSciences BioSciences Bioscience is “a diverse field of study and industry for applying knowledge to develop biological solutions that sustain, restore, and enhance the quality of life for people, plants, and animals in our world.”  This also gives information about life science topics including psychology, food science, microbiology, biotechnology, and cutting-edge research, from […]

Department of Languages

Department of Languages Department of Languages The Department of Languages at our college was established in 2021 and has since been dedicated to promoting linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding among our students. With faculties specializing in Malayalam, English, Hindi, and Mathematics, our department offers a diverse range of courses to cater to the academic needs […]

Department of Computer Application and Cyber Forensics

Department of Computer Application & Cyber Forensics Computer Application & Cyber Forensics Cochin Arts and Science’s Department of Computer Application and Cyber Forensics has long been regarded as the gold standard for excellence, with the most up-to-date curriculum and syllabus. The department’s wide range of undergraduate courses has demonstrated its academic strength and success.We are […]

Department of Management Studies

Department of Management Studies Management Studies The Department of Management Studies was established in the year 2012 and offers three-year business administration course for its students. Since its establishment the primary objective of the department has been to develop students into competent and successful entry level management professionals. Today’s organizations are operating in a complex […]

PG Department of Commerce

PG Department of Commerce About PG Department of Commerce The Department of Commerce is one of the premier departments in Cochin Arts And Science College ,Manakkakadavu.The department provides a proficient environment to nurture commerce professionals with a high level of knowledge and competence to effectively contribute to society with commitment and integrity. The Department was […]