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BSc Food Technology & Quality Assurance

BSc Food Technology & Quality Assurance

The BSc Food Technology & Quality Assurance course is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices related to food science, technology, and quality management. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, students will delve into the intricate world of food production, processing, and safety.

Throughout the program, students will explore the fundamental aspects of food science, including the composition and behavior of food components, food chemistry, microbiology, and nutrition. They will also gain insights into various food processing techniques such as preservation, packaging, thermal processing, fermentation, and extraction, and understand how these methods impact the quality, safety, and nutritional value of food products.

Quality assurance systems play a crucial role in ensuring the consistent quality and safety of food products. Students will learn about industry standards and regulatory frameworks, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and ISO standards. They will develop the skills to implement and maintain these systems, conduct internal and external audits, and evaluate suppliers to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry.

Furthermore, the program emphasizes food safety and regulatory compliance, covering topics such as foodborne illnesses, risk assessment, labeling requirements, and product claims. Students will also gain practical experience in food analysis, quality control, and laboratory techniques, enabling them to assess the quality and safety of food products through chemical, physical, and microbiological tests.


Candidates after completing 12th Standard/ HSC/ 10+2 (or equivalent Level of Examination) from any recognized Board can join the course.

By the end of the BSc Food Technology & Quality Assurance course, graduates will possess a strong foundation in food science and technology, along with the necessary skills to thrive in roles related to food product development, quality assurance, research and development, regulatory compliance, and food safety management. They will be well-prepared to contribute to the ever-evolving food industry and address the challenges and opportunities that arise in this dynamic field.

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